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Take time to deliberate, but when the time for action comes, stop thinking and go - Napoleon


Huddle and Break

Preparation for a new formation

“Take time to deliberate, but when the time for action comes, stop thinking and go” Napoleon

In sport, a huddle is when a team gets together in a tight group to strategise about the next play, motivate or celebrate. It keeps opponents in the dark about important information, and acts as a form of insulation when the level of noise is such that normal on-field communication is difficult. At the end of the huddle, teams will ‘break the huddle’ by shouting something together like ‘ready team!’ and performing an action like high-fiving. 



A few months ago a prophetic word was given to some of the leaders of CCC at an event using an analogy of American Football.   The church was to ‘break’ from our regular activities, to ‘huddle’ together before the next play and strategise for a new formation. Everyone would move into new positions for the next play.

This word helped to clarify some background thinking and discussions regarding the need to focus in the next season on mission, getting more people active in using their gifts, training and equipping and developing pastoral care and connections.

As a result we are having a ‘huddle’ season in the Autumn of 2017 where we break from our usual routine on a Sunday (and in one or two other ways too) to envision and equip for this before ‘breaking’ into a new formation into 2018 with a shout of ‘lets go!’


All Together, Mid Kent College, Theatre:

Sun 10th September - Let’s Go 1: The Mission of God, Adam Voke - Listen Now

Sun 17th September - Let’s Go 2: Everyone on Mission, Tony Sands

Sun 24th September - Let’s Go 3: A New Formation, Adam Voke - Listen Now


Breakout Room Season:

During this season you will have the opportunity to join three huddles in three different breakout rooms.  The huddles will be lead by three different teams who will share leading of the groups, teaching and activities. 

The emphasis will be not just on teaching and information but on interaction as well.  The smaller setting enables us to be more face-to-face, to discuss, answer questions and to ‘workshop’ some things.

There will be three sessions for each huddle, repeated three times.  So in theory if you are here for nine Sundays in a row you would be able to rotate through them all! The idea is that you do them in sequence as they build on from one another and so stay in the same huddle for those three weeks. However, we recognise that some will be serving on kids work teams and others away some Sundays and so some may only be able to take part in two and therefore may have a preference to which ones they join.

Note: Some sessions might be recorded, others not. However, recordings may not be available online due to the interactive nature of some.

With this in mind, we are asking people to register in advance for each huddle.  This will mean that:

  • Huddle capacity can be managed (we want a spread of about 30-50 in each)
  • First come first served (if you are not registered then you will be allocated where there is space on the day)
  • You can plan your diary in advance
  • You are committed to being there
  • Huddle leaders know how many are in the room
  • Huddle leaders know who to expect (these last two will help with preparation)

Feedback on the first & second round of huddles here.

Interested in leading a group? Let us know your idea...


Huddle 1: Leading: Offense and Defense 

Everyone leads in some way and everyone has influence on someone. This huddle will cover some essentials of ‘leading in life’ that will be relevant for all contexts, not just within the church.

Leading happens both by being on the offensive and pushing forward in order to make a way for others, but also by standing firm or taking action to sure up the defenses.  Both of these require leading in different ways.

In the 2018 season we want to see a new formation of people, activated and coached to lead in both the offence and defense.   We need more connection and care points for people, more missional impetus and more specific training and equipping.  We want to hear your ideas, pick up your passion and harness that to help launch new groups and communities, both short term (i.e. 6-12 weeks) or long term.

Huddle Leaders: Adam Voke, Tony Sands, Gordon Watson

Breakout Room 1:  Dance Studio


Huddle 2: Team Support and Health

For any team, family or body to function well there needs to health.  The infrastructure, systems and connection points need to be functioning appropriately and naturally.

Ephesicans 4:16 says that the ‘whole body is joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work’.  A mature and healthy church community is one that within Christ and in the power of the Spirit: self-feeds, heals, resources, cares, supports, strengthens, cleanses and rejects the bad.

Taking responsibility for self and to live a ‘joined up’ life alongside others takes discipline, effort and commitment. It’s an action that leads to spiritual health.  Receiving from others and giving to others in mutual dependency is the way to wholeness.   Cultivating a team mentality means we make a decision to ‘share and care’.

In 2018 we want to see a new formation of people involved in sharing, caring, supporting and nurturing others.  Everyone is seen and known by God and so you should be seen and known too.  This can happen in part through various pastoral pathways that we will unpack and also through and DNA groups.  This huddle will give you some tools to help play your part in caring for others in various ways.

Huddle Leaders: Julian Perry & Susie Voke

Breakout Room 2: Theatre


Huddle 3: Everyone Active

A team doesn’t work very well if only a few people are doing everything.  A family does not function well if the parents do everything and the children never learn to play their part and a body will shut down if only half of the organs are working! (1 Cor. 12).

One of our CORE values is ‘Everyone Active’ (represented by the letter ‘E’).  It’s our shorthand way of expressing 1 Cor. 12.  In a football team, everyone has a specific position or role to play and the team wins when everyone knows where they fit, then develops and uses their gift for the benefit of the whole team. 

Many people don’t know what they are called to do and others don’t know what their gifts are or how vital they are.  Every Christian is already ‘called’ and part of a team (the local church) – we want to highlight the general call already established for your life – do you know what that is? So there’s no need to hang about on the sidelines! But then there is also a more specific call and gifting each has alongside that – do you know what that is?

Yes, this is particularly relevant to the life of the church but it also has applies within the playing fields of business, education, media, arts, government and family.  This is about the church being ‘active’ in its mission to advance the kingdom of God globally.

This huddle will help you to understand the general call as well as the more specific call and gifts you have.  There will be prayer, feedback, group discussion as well as using spiritual gift tests and tools. 

The hope is that you will be freshly activated to play your part in the team as we move into 2018.

Huddle Leaders: Rhonda Sands, Julie Stevens, Simon Ellmore & George Rangelov

Breakout Room 3: Refectory